Notes: It's nice to be back to drawing the more normal strip again, though perhaps this is a bit more sparce on diolouge than most of what I'm used to doing. It certainly doesn't help that I started it and three panels in I realized I couldn't remember precisisly what I wanted to happen in the rest. And my tendency is to draw panels completely out of order. Curiously, I have yet to locate it in any of my three older notebooks, 1 newer one, or pads I have for jotting down ideas. Consider I remember it having a sister strip but none of it's content I'm none to happy about that at the moment.

Hmm, there's a couple things I could explain here but don't really feel it worth it since that really deminishes the effect. The title would be one of those things. But again, I have no more to comment on that, beyond that it's inspirtion wasn't the pun that I introduced it with, as is almost always the case.

I don't know why, but I'm rather starting to enjoy drawing roughed up Jenny. Not because I like seeing her roughed up, but because it adds a little more edge to her curent sharpness. it won't last too long of course, but it's interesting for me at least to have compair before I add it to after. Also she seems so good, at least to me, at expressing rage, even before she she strikes.