Notes: Aloha if you didn't know, is the hawaiian word for hello, good-bye, and a bunch of other things which I have never bothered to memorize for I do not make my living as a tour guide. No I make my living as a student, ie, I fork over money to other people, so I can spend 8 months of my year working. Which just goes to show you how smart u college students really are. More tot he point though, it means a number of things, but I'm not going to pull up a comprehensive list since frnkly there's nothing I'd trust to referance that I have imidiate access to.

So, conversations about conversations, and looking at the way things keep drifting. And yes, there always is someone different. For a moment I was sure that these two had already met, but when I look over things, it seems like not. Very curious in it's own way. Actually, the largest problem with this comic was to keep the complaints fitting to just her experience. It's not like she's had a huge amount of things happen or screen time, but she has been sorta pushed out a number of times.