Notes: One quick note, while I'm getting into the history of the world in the next few comics, I want to make explicate, that the purpose of it all is that it amuses me. I've been turned off a number of times by places with interesting worlds that decided to get lost in being absolutely preachy through it.

Now it's been awhile since I've done a Mr. Snodgers' Neighborhood, so I feel like I'm missing a little grace in the interactions here. Of course, it might partly be that it's just not that humorous a subject. In trying to toss in something that sounds vaguely like people would say it, and keeping with mostly trying to get through the point that there is history, and there's a reason that Santa Carlos would know it, there aren't so many jokes in this.

Why am I even getting into this though? Isn't this a comic that's supposed to be funny, not one to describe a world? What's the point to telling the audience if every one else in the world doesn't know, and there's no particular plot to tell everyone? Well, it leads to some interesting jokes I think. And, I'd like to at least convey enough about the world that some people's actions make sense. And because I also like drama occasionally, as people run head on into aspects of this particular one.

Oh, and Santa Carlos gets to move away from being a gag character. Odd. Everyone seems to be doing that now a days. Perhaps just a change in the flavor of my writing.

Last note, as a pirate ghost, there's not a real reason for Santa Carlos to be fidgeting, since it's hard to imagine that he can change anything in his appearance like that which he can't simply just change, but I imagine it has to be a remnant from being alive. And besides, it beats drawing him the same all the time. Or floating and shaking chains or whatnot.