Notes: For the amount of time that I put into this comic, I don't feel I really got my comics worth. Partly this is because I did a majority of this without making notes, intending to just finish it up fast enogh that I'd just get it done with. This is _always_ an exceptionally poor plan, because I'm possibly the most forgetful person on earth. Well, no, I've studied enough psycology to know I don't come anywhere near qualifing for that title. But I'm fairly good at forgetting everything I could possibly want to remember when i get to the writting stage of the comic.

As such, I have to question the diolouge in this a little. It's not my original conception I'm pretty sure, but it seems to work. I wish I could remember how it went, but it's entirely possible that since it was never cohesively written down that it wouldn't have made any sence anyway.

It was also one of those comics that had a definitive start, but no so much of an end. Eventually that sorted itself out, but I'm sorta finding myself to have the same feeling again about the next one. While all of this has had a point, I have to wonder if I'm drifting now. This sort of stuff could continue on forever, but I have a feeling I wouldn't like it to. Again, I have other things to do. I haven't decided how it should end yet though.