Notes: Wow. Sometimes I just feel like talking in my strip. Or rather 'S does. And on occation it all works better when I have some visuals to go with it.

Ok, these may help you understand things, but reading them too soon might be detrimental to the comic:
The paper clips
That guy
Last time with dicotomy
This is a particularly interesting leason to me. It's always complained about the people that end up being selected for our leaders now a days, particularly in the last election of having two people that really weren't that different, and in this latest one, we could see the ones with the real vision also being picked off pretty steadily as well, until we're left with a canidate who inspires such websites as "".

Most of this is just trying to let out this information though. I have this mild irritation sometimes that people seem to expect things from our polical system that simply not logical with the way it works. There are ones where this will not be the case, but we don't have one of them right now. And it's hardly an easy thing to fix.

Well, actually, there are methods that might work, but for the most part, defrauding the voters for their own good does not come off terribly well.

Side note: semi-contrary to what 'S says in here a little bit, you can also try and shift where you stand relative to the center by convincing other people to shift where it is.

Back to the actual comic though, there's interesting issues with doing something like this. It's hard to hit the right balence of talking per panel, since in the end, I'm obviously doing it too much in general. But each individual one has to not be so crammed that it's annoying to read. At the same time I can't leave it so barren that it's questionable why I've dedicated an entire panel to it. But not everything can be shifted from one to another without disrupting the flow of things.

One can try and make the panels a little bit more bearable in their text heaviness by adding little quirky things in the background, so that the audience gets a little break inbetween your little essay in panels on the subject.

None of it's perfect, but at the same time, some things simply have to be said.

There's one curious element in this, and that's that 'S comes off as a lot more feminine here than she normally does in my opinion. It's always been an aspect of her, and I hope evident, but she just seems more like a woman in the panels where she's sitting and we can see her from the side. I suppose partly this would be because it gives her a more narrow face. But it's an interesting effect in general. I should find more excuses to draw her at that angle.

As is, those poses are part of what makes this comic. If we didn't have 'S being somewhat active moving around it just wouldn't be as interesting. I debate if she might just around a little bit too much though.

Final note on this comic I feel like making. For what it's worth, 'S got 3 nose jobs in this comic, ie three instances where I drew her nose, realized it was too pointy, and then had to move another one I'd draw elsewhere on the page for this purpose into it's place so she wouldn't end up looking goofy. Can't say why I was on a binge of making her a bloody woodpecker.

Oh, and do you like the twist? It solves a lot of things for me.