Notes:Random story that needs to be told, even if it's irrelivent. Tonight, in the midist of working on this comic, I ad to also cook dinner. Now since I don't know much off the top of my head, I was working from a recipe that looked good. In reading it however I managed to over look the fact it was completely insane.

One of it's steps went like this. Peel an onion and stab two cloves into it. Then throw it whole into a pot with some beans you're cooking for the soup. Now this is untypical to me in a number of ways. The first way is that, I normally chop up my onions before I cook them. The second way is that I also normally don't jab my herbs into it. The third thing is that there is no particular instruction in the recipe to remove this before serving. Apperently it just kinda goes away.

Now you might think that I possibly misread the recipe. I assure you, I didn't. I know this fairly certainly since in addition to this onion with cloves stuck in it on the ingredient list, it also wants one chopped. They also go in at different times.

Now, given that background as to what was in my head while drawing this, the comic is completely unrelated.

This was another comic that continued to evolve even while I was wording it. It's strange how it turned out in relation to my original idea for this week. As I believ I said before. I think I get a lot better comics from flowing with whatever I think of, rather than forcing a script to work. I certinly got a number of jokes here I wouldn't have other wise. One of my favorites is the the 4th and 5th panels, which are, more than anything, poking fun at my own attempts at explaining Jimmy in the begining of Mr. Snodgers Neighborhood.

One final thought. It's come to me that I have a crush of sorts on Jenny. Whenever I do what I feel to be an especially good drawing of her I feel the need to drop everything and go show it to someone. Which is kinda cute, in that it's so completely stupid for me to like one of my own characters that much. On the other hand, what does that say about my life, that I fall in love with a fictional character, specifically my own. I can't quite put my finger on why that should be so wrong, but I think it has something to do with, since I made her, and she's in that way an aspect of myself, do I then have a cruch on myself? Sounds a little close to ego-mania. Or some sort of sociopathic disorder. Of course, I could also look at this from the positive, abstract perspective, and say, hey, I love my work.

But, then I'm arguing with myself, and I've developed Multiple personality's