Notes: This it. The end of the introduction of the snodgers household. Huzza!

If you can't tell, I'd grown rather tired of the endless meandering there where I kept having points I thought I should get to, but in the end was usually bogged down with trying to keep conversations consitently long. People just had things to say. Of course, part of me would like to say this is a reason I should have for working on a day to day basis of planning the strip, though this might not follow to most people.

In reality, when I have an end to get to, it seems I always get hopelessly enmeshed in trying to get people there, and the fact of the matter is that with the way me and my characters interact, they have other things they want to do in reacting to one thing or another. I can't just push them with this or that without them reacting to the push, and then the comic becomes about whatever has pushed them and not about what they have to do.

The fact of the matter is in my mind they're people, and frankly, if I have some overarching epiphiny about what they should do, or even some mild inspiration, then tough bugs, because they'll get there or not totally based off of their decisions, not off of my desire.

To make this into something of an analogy, one could compare me to the game master of an RPG. I can certainly have places for people to go, but they'll go there if they damn well, feel like it, and do there whatever the hell they want. I can plan, but they make the decission in the end.

And frankly, they really are that independent in me.

But this story line closes, and finally I get to really solidly introduce that Archibald is in fact in the Snodgers household, where frankly he fits in quite well. Being a gun weilding plant is no worse there than being a sentinent one, and that's to say not really at all. I'm glad he's there, both because it means he can show up again now, and because he does provide Jenny with at least some sort of source of just listening, even if he isn't really a person per-say.

I suppose. Are sentinent plants people too? My collection of radical slogans doesn't cover that particular niceity.

Hmm, final note, yay for getting back to having lots of mini-jokes in the comic, even if they are intermingled with teenage angst as well.

Rediculous teenagers, don't you realize being cheerful is more fun? And there are cooler colors than black, at least tempeture wise.