Notes: On a random tangent, comercels seem to get stupider as it gets later. Most likely since they don't need to work quite so hard to sell you stuff in when you're sleep deprived. Just something I that's been going though my brain as I work into the night on the comic. Which is volentary, possibly nessesary, since it's around midnight that my energy tends to reach it's peek.

Much like the above comment, the focus of the comic seems to have run off on a tangent. My original idea didn't even have Jenny in it, yet she's popped up and taken over. I'm not certain when this is going but i'm going to run with it, because even if it doesn't keep with my original agenda, I like it.

I supose this is somewhat inevitable seeing as my brain gathers togethers ideas in a rather eclectic manner. The punch line of this comic originates from a conversaion I had with my mother in which I randomly started singing the song, remebering it from a south park, and she didn't recognise it at all. So I had to sing it to her a couple more times to see if she hadn't mishard or something. Nope, she wanted to know who had written it. Which really bothered me, so it's been stuck in my head, thus resulting with it combining it with the other idea swirling arpound at the time, what to do for the comic.

As another tangent, one of my old random throw away characters crops up here again in a younger version. I don't have an explination for that.