Notes: Overall this comic makes me glad I kept Santa Carlos around. Incidentually, his last comment is not ment in the 4th wall breaking manner. I know that's all the rage or some such now to do that, but I'd try and avoid that now. Yes I know I also enjoyed it, but I'm saying that particular aspect of interacting with cartoon devices isn't my favorite. It just isn't. I'm far too out of it to be writting htese notes.

To continue none the less, Santa Carlos was to say the least fun to drw for this. Not too slow either. INking was an entire different matter. I'm not sure what it is about his layout, but he's managed to kill a preactically new pen in one night pretty much by himself. I suppose that's my faut for getting minorly creative with how I was shading his clothing this time.

It's interesting, though, how neat it is to actually draw my characters sitting down for once. They have legs! And they know how to not use them!

In a more overall sence, the comic really is about the last four panels I suppose. The first part is getting things into place really. I might have preffered to do this over a weries since then it'd give a better sence of sitting around for a bit before the Sooo..... starts up. Other matters rather left these tied together though. I could have done some (hours later) thing, but that would just be odd. Plus it'd kinda fuck with the mental time line that I have of how events are gong to line up. Let's just say they had enough time to develope a significant awkward silence. I'm apperently better at donig that in real life I guess, with an equal mesure of trying to fill it as Santa Carlos. But more on him next comic.