Notes: I suppose I should start out by apologizing for this title. Consider that done.

So anyway, we get some of our first major verbal interaction between the Snodgers here. Gah, saying that gives me the creeps. Even I am not totally reconciled with Jenny being a Snodgers, mostly because of years of just knowing Mr. Snodgers by that name. Which of course brings up the problem of what the hell to call him now. Of course calling him a narc is one option, though if my understanding of the word is correct, then it's hardly appropriate. More on that later though.

So what took so long about this comic to make? It was two days late, but it's probably one of the less complicated things I've drawn of late. I'm almost certain that's actually the problem with it (along side being ill). In doing it I just didn't think too much about varying things along the way to make them interesting. Such leads me to dawdle my way through it then, and that is my real bane. I usually need some minor distraction in my background while I'm drawing since it doesn't take nearly my full attention. When I'm just doing forms I'm familiar with though it gets worse though. And once a certain amount of my attention drifts off I'm doomed. Being ill just means that it takes less of my attention wandering. I'll stop to look something up, or write down an idea for something, or read some other comic for a bit. Yes, it's procrastination, but it keeps me from getting bored with drawing, and allows me some time to think a bit on what I want to go in panels as I go along. Or maybe I'm just making excuses.

Final note: Here's a vague idea of what would be like if I drew it and worded it with a mouse with a 10 minute time limit on it (partly to satisfy one person's question about why I don't make this a daily strip since things move along so slowly sometimes)

ps: this is a .png file, which I normally don't use, but it was already saved in that, so I figured what the heck. I've heard that some people can't see it though. May fix that when I get a spare moment.