Notes:This is a conglomeration of ideas that I thought would be funny. What I've learned since doing this is that real plot is the glue that holds random ideas together. None of these ideas individually merit a whole comic. As is together they still don't really merit one. At least not as is. I suppose I might have made this into something a bit more worthwhile if I had managed to work out the punchline. This one is close to working, but it never really got there.

I suppose this is my first, and probably weakest break in the forth wall, and this comic should be a little bit historic if only for that. Actually, it's kinda interesting how I eventually abandon this format. In the begining I liked these sort of Narator boxes a lot, but I've fallen out of the habit of using them for some reason. Maybe because they take up a lot of space, and don't show much. They're also a bit lazy. Besides, I like my new system. But that's something I'll talk about later.

One final note, this comic has been slightly altered, along with my fixing history so that I never made the stupid mistake of showing Navaho's face.