Notes:I should probably be ashamed to admit it, but this comic still does a remarkably good job of amusing me. I mean, given the amount of copy and paste in it, and the fact that I go about things a bit differently now, it still works for me. I don't really regret anything about it now. The way it worked out matched my drawing skill, and what was copied and pasted would have taken a bit of unnecary work otherwise to redraw.

Possibly the funniest part of this comic for me was that my original script actually only managed to fill 7 panels. As a result this comic might be defined as the first of my self-recursive strips, ie, thoughs for whom cause and effect get a bit muddled. I suppose the best definition is that what happens around the comic affects what happens in the comic. I this case, my having a panel to fill changes how the comic goes, which then makes it so that comic does not have to be changed, and also makes it a better comic. I suppose the most notable example of these would have to be Another Brief Break, which happens considerably later than this one, and thus doesn't make much sence if this is your first read though of your strips.

I suppose this might also be a partial origin for when I started to draw Jimmy differently. In retrospect I can see some resemblences of his current incarnation, to the one appearing in the 7th panel.