Notes: Wow, my comic's taking a serious turn to it again. Hmm, on one hand I'd like to say sorry about that, since it really wasn't the intended point to my comics, but then again, I also enjoy doing it. Still though, I think it'll be wandering back into silliness with my next plot line I'm planning.

So yeah, anyway, while it might stay relatively constant in your had that Jimmy is well nigh immortal, it's not always so apparent in his own head. It's especially not easy when you haven't experienced this fact before. Mortal habits and all that. So it shouldn't really be all that surprising that Jimmy's not really thinking he'll bounce back from this one.

It might also be said that he probably shouldn't make quite such an impact. Honestly, I don't know, I don't have enough first hand experience of people falling from great heights onto hard things plus there's the fact that he most likely doesn't squish properly on impact. So judgement call, making a creter is more interesting then bouncing off the surface.

What's left? Well I suppose I always say I tend to keep drawing what I find interesting. Characters background (pft!), whatever. An interesting problem here is that I like drawing Jimmy falling. I like drawing him falling a lot. It seems unlikely though that I'll find a lot of excuses to do that. Not unless he picks up flying. Which would have been quite a useful skill here, I guess.

As for the sorta greyish tinge you might notice to the whole comic, that was a bit of an accident, though I must admit I like the effect when paired with the subject matter.