Notes: Now, anyone reading this should be at least marginally acquainted with, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner". To save you reading that monster, it in a sentence summery: Man shoots Albatross, he and whole crew are then completely fucked.

To pause for a moment, I've grown to be slightly surprised by having to help people find certain information. I recall once that I had someone interested in a wooden chinese broadsword for a project, but didn't know where to find one. One search on "wooden chinese broadsword" and I had a site that sold them. Similarly, I'm sure people could just copy and paste that title into google as well as I did. It doesn't save a lot of effort even, and that link's bound to die at some point. But there's so many people that just seem unaware of how readily available information is sometimes. Or maybe it's just a couple people I know, and I've just horribly insulted you all.

Anyway, this came up, finally, on International Speak Like a Pirate Day. Sadly, I forgot for most of it to speak like a pirate. I suppose I tried to compensate a little with the language in this comic. This, of course, led me to thinking of completely the wrong accent in a couple of places and having Santa Carlos say some truly bizzare things. As a side note to myself, no, he is not Australian.

In some ways it's hard to say much more on this comic. It's fairly simple in what it has to say, and the structure, while a little interesting, is not something to really go on about.

Oh, and doing this comic now made me rewrite the entire history of religion for Mr. Snodgers world. You'll get to learn about that later though.