Notes: Try saying that last name out loud. It sounds better than it reads. As for the title it was inspired by Jimmy Carter winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Or more specifically, having this mentioned to me at the exact moment when I stated thinking about what to title it.

It's an interesting thing that I believe I actually do have full names for all of my characters now. Things seem to be getting more complex like that. Not that it's a terrible burden to have to keep track of, but compared to when I started out, I really could have cared less what Mr. Snodgers was hiding behind that two letter title, it's a step. I blame Jenny. She's actually created a relation between two of my characters, and has, in the least, made interesting continued dynamics between people. And, she does fall at the far end of the spectrum of how much effort I put into drawing for this strip. Actually, Mr Snodgers himself usually ranks highest to my surprise. While he's relatively simple in theory, his angles have to be just right. And every line in his shirt has to be drawn slowly and one at a time for it to look right.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, lives Jimmy, who even if I've never thought to mention it explicitely, in my mind, has problems with his being completely abstract as a representation of a person. Heck, I have problems with it from time to time. He does a great job filling the place of one, but if you actually take a serious look at him and try and draw some parallel of how he's drawn to an actual person you're not going to find much to go on. At least he's got arms that appear semi-regularly now. I blame Jenny for that too.

Plotwise,this jumps around a bit at first, then settles down into what I want to happen pretty well. If you wonder how Jimmy knows Snodgers name, if someone was a menace of your area, you'd know his name too. Especially if he works openly. And, no, he wasn't close enough to overhear earlier conversation. Also, the being in shock thing from seeing someone hug Mr. Snodgers.

And if you're wondering, that book I have is one of my now numerous sketch books filled with notes on the comic. I started out with some loose leaf pads which were great for just carring around and jotting notes in, and were dirt cheap. Eventually they started falling apart though and keeping the pages together got to be a pain. That didn't stop me from filling up three of them, but by the end the risk of loss of comic ideas invovled in flipping through or transporting them made me upgrade to actual sketchbooks. Which, in the least, have the advantage being able to have interesting covers on them.

For a quick art note, high point is probably panel 4. I had a bit of extra time I needed to kill at one point as well, so I started throwing random things into the background in areas I knew words wouldn't be filling. I like how that's turned out, so I might make more of an effort to do it in the future.

Final note: What are Bob and 'S talking about? I really don't know. which might be appropriate on some level.