Notes:Helen Narbon hails from the comic known as Narbonic, go, read it before I beat you senceslessly.

At one point I'm pretty sure I had a title for this one I absolutely loved. Then I ansured an ICQ from Shast and lost it forever. ANyway, this is a classic example for me of when the algoith method I mentioned earlier fails me. Basically I don't have enough input to make up an idea like that. Writing "Title, perferably funny" doesn't get me anywhere. Because unlike a punch line, I'm usualy not trying to say something specific, and trying to find a good way to say it. Here, I'm trying to grab out from an infinite number of possiblities most of which are crap, with out real dirrection as to what I'm looking for

I'm somewhat content with what I've come up with in the end. It really doesn't refer to any particular person or event, yet it seems to apply to all of them. It still doesn't have that funny, "umph" to me though. Then agan, nothing I came up with really did.

Hmm, to talk about something that isn't the title, I have some great fondness of The Lead Pipe. He's makes for a rather humourous hero and speaks in a manner that's amusing to write. Yet in the end, as much as I liked him, he had to die, because he relly has no place in the comic and besides which I'm pretty sure the effect wold wear of pretty quickly.

NOw, one might also notice this comic has very little to do with Helen Narbon. That's mostly because I had a paper due this saturday. Which was somewhat unusual. As a reslt I spent mos tof the day "writing" it, which is to say, writting a little, then finding something distracting on the internet. Knowing I really didn't have the time to write anything with a quality interview in it, I decided to go and use another of my stock strips. I regret this in someways since it's a waste of of having a guest.