Notes: Interesting, at the start of tonight I had an entirely different view of what my comic would be tonight, which revolved around this introduction as from around the alternative viewpoint. which had some interest, but in trying to write out what I had, I found it kinda boring. And if I find it boring to write, it sure as hell won't do anything for you. Unless of course it's part of my surrealist freehanding that occasionally goes on.

Back to this comic though, I like banter. It usually tends to not line up well in comic panels no matter how it's done, but it's so very amusing. And also tells a bit about the people that do it. And I also like having these two together. They're made for each other it would seem, in my mind. Well, in the more literal sence, given plot foo.

But anyway, from panel 6 on might seem like a nonsequitur to you, but it actually is something that's going through my head that'll be elaborated more next time.

You might well ask about the title of this. I wouldn't be surprised. I'm not even certain why I called it that right now. Except I know I had a good reason when I first did.