Notes: Since it's been awhile since I posted one of these you might desire to check the last comic about what's up in the first few panels.

I have to say, that if there's one aspect of Jandice that poses a dificulty to me, it's her arms. This might be why there's some tendency at least in my practice sketches of her, for them to disappear behind her back. Then again, most of my character's arms disappear into their sides when not needed imidiately, so perhaps her sleeveless ways are simply to blame. then again, it might alo be that she's simply new in a lot of respects, and so I haven't quite got the feel for drawing al of her. but enough speculation on that.

Poor Jimmy though. Jimmy it seems is almost always the character to be left behind. It's sorta an aspect of his character i suppose that he's the one that despite his power somehow doesn't achive any sort of significance. Of course it doesn't help that he's surrounded by pwople that can overshadow him.

There's a weird aspect to this strip. For awhile i became rather lost to where things ago. So, dropping back on an old theme, we get recursive comic. Where I speculate about how the comic flows within the comic itself. Of course, that also happens in So in a more dirrect manner, but it's interesting having it happen without the breakage of the 4th wall, and sometimes it even seems more useful. In this case I started wondering at the way that I kept having people wander in an out of interacting without seeming to get anywhere, with interruptions and distractions abounding.