Notes: Yay, another new character who's been sitting in my sketch book for far too long. It's frustrating having a good idea only sitting around, cooling it's heals. Yay, bringing it to life!

This is one of those strange aspects to this school and this world, accented slightly from the standpoint of someone that isn't entirely used to it. Jeniffer isn't really the norm either though. Interesting to think that perhaps I haven't had anyone that falls in the midddle of my distribution of characters, just different outskirts. I suppose it makes them interesting, but at the same time it hasn't be introduced what it's like for most to live in it.

Random thinking.

And do high schools really use bells to indicate the periods? I have no clue. Being from Hawaii, mine was all outdoors, and unlinked buildings. It wouldn't have worked where I was. But that's the only place I went to, so I have not the clue what the norm in reality is. I just have old episodes of 'Saved by the Bell' to go off of. I don't know, that's pretty unreliable. But it's my world, so they can do what they like. And the logic might be that with a Department of Doing Stupid Stuff that Annoys Everybody, it's entirely possible that even if it is stupid, it could exist.

Again, just random thinking.