Notes:Have I mentioned I love to color? It just takes me a rather large amount of time, and tends not to be very forgiving of screwing up. That, and I only recently figured out a way that I felt really comfortable with.

Anyway, on how this got made, I had absolutely no idea how this was going until I drew it out in it's panel. Which is to say that until I started drawing each panel, I wasn't sure what was happening in it, dialogue or otherwise. This is because I spent the entire week stuck on trying to think of a way to get the plot to go the way I want it to. By Noon Friday it became rather apparent that this wasn't working, and seeing as I'm getting tired of putting filler in, I said screw it, I'll do whatever comes to mind as an interaction between them. The result is a comic that vents a couple of things that have been bothering me on one level or another in this recent series. Oddly, this managed to get me exactly to where I wanted to get to in the first place anyway.

I'd also like to comment on the wierdness for me of having two of my main characters gono hostile with each other for the first time. I mean, there's been Pygmy and Navajo vs Snodgers, and Jenny vs Bob, but there's a different feel to this. And it's not just because their names are one letter apart. Perhaps it's merely that they're both favorite characters of mine. I have trouble writing stuff attacking them, especially using each other. Jimmy calling Jenny a bitch was an especially twitchy moment for me. Even writting out that he'd do it here got a twitch out of me. However, despite this oddness, I feel like things are going in the right direction.