Notes: At least the comic is getting somewhere. I've had characters I've been sitting on for a year that can pop up now! Well, I haven't literaly been sitting on them, but names, looks and personalities that I've wanted to do.

If I've demonstrated one thing, it's that I'm excedingly patient. If I've demonstrated two, it's that the comic proceeds rather slowly.

Anyway, we'll see if any of the newbies end up where I predict they will in the lines of things. If at all posible I want them to avoid falling into the trap of becoming clones of existing characters. This can be a problem in my mind, since it's easy to write in one mind set and have sorta a formula for jokes, and just toss people into it, regardless of their personality. I don't think I do that much, but it was definitely a problem in my earlier work. I suppose I got sensitive to it when I started thinking that maybe Jenny and Jandice were overlapping a bit. But they're supposed to do that. There are traits that simply carry over from one generation to another, conciously or not.

Important: The ears are purple, the comic is not in color, because that makes it huge. If you're reading this, start here, and read on for awhile to find out where she got them. Sorry, but the comics really do cross over.