Notes: This one flows much more like a usual Snodgers comic than the last one. More silly, even if it does still talk about relatively the same matter. It's easy to get dark for some reason while going over the world's past, but that's a bit rediculous. The point of the comic really is to be silly. The world might be interesting to me, but there's no reason to get down about it. Especially with Jandice aronud. She's serious, but not at all depressive. In fact she's, terribly chipper most of the time. Listening to Santa Carlos is fairly disconcerting to anyone, but it shouldn't be anything at all to get her down, even if it does reflect some aspect of history that's less than ideal. She'd be aware of something of that nature of reality already.

As for the rest of the comic, the first three panels made a nice escape from where those two have been sitting since forever it seems, though just the thought of drawing the second panel nearly made me crazy. Turned out alright though.