Notes:Ok, I guess first off this ended up being a ten panel comic. There were a couple panels I could have crammed together to make it fit the more standerd formate, but I feel it flows a bit better like this. Besides, I had the time to draw the extra panels when I took an extra day for the strip. My standerd pratice for having too muh to do is to let it spill over to next weeks strip but in this case I already have what I want to do next week planned out, and so I need the transion, and I don't particularly think any of the middle stuff could be transfered or cut any of it effectively.

Anyway, enough about the length, there is an actual comic here too. A lot of this strip is a result of far too much special relitivity durring the semster. Whenever I'm tired and start talking with someone about time I sorta wander into this phase of saying, "Well, if you ran realy quickly in one direction then..." before wandering into the fact that I'm babbling into a subject that already makes people's heads hurt when they're sencible. Which I'm doing again talking about it here. But anyway, when I start thinking of things on that level I run inot all sorts of exceptions to statements one would normally think would be absolute. Which naturally leads me back to demons, who love crap like that. Demons have always been wonderful in in that way to me, and I'm glad I have a couple of my own now to play with people.

Plus, well, I love these three interacting period. I'm prefectly willing to waste time doing comics with them. As can well be observed. In the comic's time it's still summer. Not so much in real time though sad to say.