Notes:So, late comic means that you don't get sofa background anymore. It's becoming old to draw. I'll have to fix that somehow. I rather liked what I ended up doing to Bob's house, but I couldn't really keep that up when I started being really late with this.

Interesting aspect of this comic, is I had no idea what to do with it, so I ended up asking to people on seperate occations what to do with it. Which is odd to begin with since normally I can depend on myself to just advance things, and have ideas. And if someone gives me an idea, I'm pretty unlikely to keep asking. That I then incorperated the two into a fairly successful comic is surprising. Actually, the two bounced together perfectly. The first was I sohuld have a couple of people interacting that hadn't before, which brought the parents into play. The second was it should involve a panda somehow, which just sparked the whole relationship they'd have to have in my head. Perhaps my favorite aspect of this comic has to be the way that the preception of Bob's parents moves from being simply oblivious to horrendously evil. And they never drop out of being little cookie cutter parents despite this. Horray!

The first couple of panels in this were a bit awkward though. I had to open to something, and it is a point I wanted to get across. Actually, it's the point I originally thought I was going to do the comic around. We'll get back to that though. It really can't draw on much longer than it really has.

So, last bit: There's been an interesting struggle now that I've develped these politics not to beat people over the head with them. Perhaps it was even a mistake to formally introduce them. We'll see. If it was then my conception for the plot for the next bit's going to become a bit complicated.