Notes: Part of me finds it interesting that last week's was the 100th comic. Considering the amount of effort I put into that it seems appropriate. So what's this, the 101th comic? It's not nearly so exciting in the background, but there's a reason for that. And that reason is not that it's a lot of work.

Nor is the 7 panel format a result of laziness, or the fact that that's how many popped out when I first wrote down everything I thoughy needed to happen. Or maybe I shouldn't have brought that up. Um, anyway, it really did seem like an appropriate splash panel when I did it. It is rather a big moment, or rather a noting of a big moment, in this whole matter, which sometimes feels like it's been going on far too long.

I'll ignore that for the moment and go into my typical art rant. For whatever reason I feel I got the poses down a bit better this time than last. Not to put down last, but they seem a bit more interesting. Possibly this is related to not concerning myself quite so much with the background and leaving enough free space to put a bit of wordage in. By far the favorite this time is panel three, which a part of me keeps thinking shouldn't work, but it seems to quite well.

The last panel however is just disturbing. I don't particularly relish torturing Jenny in the same way I do Jimmy. Well, Bob's the better example there with my comments from three weeks comics ago about not even particularly liking to bother Jimmy like that. However, I can't just say she wins everywhere, and this is one situation that I know she'd lose in, and she's not one to anticipate that. This is especially bothersome since she doesn't have the ability to just come back from it the way Jimmy does. If this went too far, I'd be hard pressed to come up for reasons for her to survive.

I think I'll end on that note.