Notes:The first of the few comics I got published in the school newspaper. I'm not sure what inspired me to do this. I'm pretty sure it's just that I felt like doing a bit more drawing and this was a great opertunity to play around a bit. Some of the names I had played around with a bit already, especially Proffesor Evil, seeing as we had one teacher at my school who reminded me of Austin Powers, and one who looked like te devil from the right angle. I'd constructed a little story of them fighting in my head, but nothing ever came of it. But the name hung around and I suppose that might have been one cause of it.

Actually the one thing that surprised me was the consitency with which people pointed out Seņor Evil as their favorite. I had expected a little diversity, but _everyone_ liked him the best. Which is odd to me since he's the one I thought of last of all, sort of steaching to fill this out. Perhaps it's the little diolouge that we actually have at the end of it that does it.

Actually, I think this is the first time I physically show up in the comic. I look a bit different than I do now. But the basics are there, my coat glasses and hair. Actually showing up was a bit awkard, seeing ass I tend to dress a lot like guy does. Make that exactly like guy does. Which could make us look very interesting if we happened o be standing next to each other. Luckily that didn't come up this time, so I just barrowed his wardrob, and hoped no one would notice. That said, it would seem like a pretty bad idea to put that in the notes, but I resolved the problem later on.