Notes: Helen Narbon hails from the comic known as Narbonic, go, read it before I beat you senceslessly.

This is the begining of a series I'm planning on doing, just about inteviews with evil comic characters. Too start off, I didn't go with the biggest brightest name, but rather someone I alreay knew. Hopefully though, this will grow a bit. And this isn't going to supplant my normal Snodgers strips, I'll be getting back to that once finals are over.

Comic wise, I'm really like how this one looks. None of these drawings of Helen quite match up to when I really try to forge a picture, but doing that takes more time and effort than I care to give at any time. The diologue generally doesn't make me twich, which is good for me at this time, though the punch line to this took me over a dozen revisions, varying in degree from wording changes, to complete rewrites.

My actual final choise came from what I tend to call the algorithum method. It actually has nothing to do with a real algorithum. It mostly involves me writing doen precisely what it is I'm looking for.

I typicaly do this when I have a joke and a plot I'm looking for a way to combine. I write every thing down that I want to happen in a strip, trying to be specific. Usually by the tim I get to the bottom of this list I have an idea which I also write down. I this case, I wrote down everything I wanted the final comment from snodgers to say, and like always out came something I was resonably contented with.

This also seems to work with a lot of other proble I run into like when I'm doing work for my computer science course.

I suppose the real reason that I call it the algorithum method is sort of like a computer algorithum, you give it input and it just spits what you want out. It's kinda strange admitedly, but it works for me.