Notes: Every once in a while I feel like just talking about a mind set of a character, even if it isn't the funniest thing in the world really. Which has been happening a lot more recently. It's a little bit difficult to get back to simply being goofy after that, since the characters start to become people then.

Actually, as a comic, that's been a curious thing in general. The classic gag comic allows for people to have fairly static roles they fill up. They can't be anything more it seems, than just props that fill in a certain role and say the right thing at the right time to amuse you.

And part of the humor comes from distance. By being less real things matter less that happen in their lives. Little painful moments can be amusing to the audience then instead of also painful to them. You don't want bad things happening to real people.

So by adding to their reality, I seem to be walking down a path by which my characters become progressively less capable of being funny.

Weird that that just occured to me. Of course all of this requires that there is necessarily this contradiction between people being people and growing and developing on screen and being allowed to be goofy to boot. And while it seems to be my observation that generally these properties aren't held together, that goofy characters never change and that growing characters can't simply be silly, and that even stated like that it sounds like it's not entirely possible, I'm probably going to be trying to run that line anyway, find a way between these things so that my characters can be themselves, and also live in a comic world comfertably.

Hence the character Jenny.

In more specific referance to this comic, it might seem odd to have Jenny dream of fantasy worlds. But in reality she really is only in a partly fantasy world, and even in such a world, rules do apply to how things like magic work. The world, while strange does have a certain order to it, and her life runs a certain way. There are always other possiblities of how things may be, and it's of these ways she dreams. Not in the active sense, but in the sense that she seems to also wander into them, and has to wonder how much they apply.

It's hard to say where this all came from, but it seems to me to fit well with her personality as being a bit out of sync with everything else sometimes.

But most of what's to be said about that's already laid out in the comic itself.

I have to say though, I enjoy drawing things like this too, where things are constantly shifting in the comic. Generally speaking one doesn't get to do that, since you need to comunicate events that happen in a squence, and they tend to move along rather linearly as a result. Dreams conviently do not though. You can move from one space to another without a great deal of concern about where you've been.

And of course it's also always fun to draw alternative versions of the same character as well.

Final notes

First, that possibly the most time was spent for this stirp trying to decide what sort of sleep wear Jeniffer would wear. It's just a difficult thing to define about a person, and there's certainly a great deal of variation in it. It's not really an important detail, but I like to keep track of details. It's what makes them specifically themselves.

Second, some comic readers might note that's a Tessen board. Yes, it's from Unicorn Jelly, no it doesn't have a particular reason for being there other than I was trying to pull up a game for them to be playing and it struck me as a good medium between everything else I knew.

Though D&D was a runner there for awhile. But with only two people, that'd be rather silly. But it would be terribly cute for them.