Notes:This is where I finally introduced one of my cats as charcters. For a while I had a poll sitting around the bottom of the site in which people could vote for which of my cats who cronically bothered me while I was trying to work would appear in the strip. It highly in favor of Kismet, mostly from Shast stuffing the box.

Now at this point I should say that I really don't like talking anamals that much. I mean, I have nothing against them if they're just used normally as people, but once you get into the little cute things of, "oh, I'm a cat, I think I rule the world" sort of characters I start having problems. And generally that seems to be where they end up wandering to.

Thus Kismt does not talk, other than to purr, much like the real Kismet. Jimmy's experience here is also fairly equivelent to my own with her. In the end, my preference of having her cling to my body very little to do with her doing so. Part of this might resemble my above example of what I don't like cartoon animals acting like, and argueably, I'm not being all that different. However, the real kismet is quite different. She does it out of some bizzar genine affection for me. She also claims very little else as being her right in the house. We've even convinced her not to get up on the tables. On this one matter she is very adament though.

As one last note, Kismet is another word for Fate.