Notes: If you're to notice one thing art wise with this comic the contrast of how I used to really do people and how I do now, seeing as I start with one, probably out of lazyness rather than really saving a lot of time doing ahead durring this period. Also Bob and Jimmy do have a way of looking right like that too. Jenny started out a bit as being able to do that, but has drifted as I taken to her using her hands. Eh, could have been another hide the aspect thing as with Navaho, but the limits placed by that are rather annoying.

I suppose the other thing to note, though it's not visable here, is the number of times that on my first scan of this, how many panels I forgot to 'color' Bob in. Luckily I caught it all before leaving, but it amases me none the less that I managed not to notice that while I was doing it, considering the shear level of wrongness that is a totally white Bob.

And if you're curious, Jenny is not impaling herself in the third panel, whatever it may look like to you.

To comment on something othr than the art on this, it is a little bit more group dynamics than I normally have, though nothing totally abnormal in characters, except maybe that Jimmy and Bob really aren't people that you'd imagine fight much. Well, opinions differ enough here that it's probably merited.

You might also note Jenny being rather nice for once. Sorta. Well, she can be like that. She even started out rather like that. It's just a rather underused part of her personality. Even so, if you don't take panel four of her as being literal

And final note, I'm going to have to remember how to draw Jimmy as from panel 3, since that's far to neat not to try to do again. Not that he looks like he's in that mood much.