Notes: There's something about a couple of the drawings in this comic that I really like. Perhaps because I wasn't really rushing through them (though I was two days late getting this up as a result of that) Some of the lines seem a little screwy though it seems after I had to do some work to get the comic oriented properly. My scanner's been a little weird about taking in it's pictures in a little skew from what I'd expect of late. And of course, the rotation aproximates things a little bit, which sometimes doesn't matter, and sometimes does show up. However, after a dozen trys to get things relitively close to straight, I am forced to conceed to the inevitable forces of entropy. Jenny in the first panel strikes me for some reason. Maybe becuase there's some feeling her head being cocked in an angle in the third dimention that I normally don't think to use. I mean, the way I do my comic is sort of an abstract manner, and it isn't particularly a skill of mine to draw 3d objects, especially when with just line art. I should try and figure out how that happened and do it again sometime.

Actually, things like that creap a lot into this comic. Jimmy's managed to pick up a level of patheticness I hadn't imagined before, and also a little more of a real feel to him at the same time. Er, panel three would sorta be the off one for this effect, even after under-going a little post-op clean up in photoshop.

Anyway, about the title to this comic, and the end of it in general, this is I believe possibly the first time that one of my characters has actually eer expressed remorse over one of their actions. I mean, Jimmy's always been a little weird about destroying the city, but he's never really said anything about it, which is actually kinda weird, because when I think about it, I have an entire script for a comic involving that which should have come up something on the order of 9 months ago. I have to wonder if it's still apropriate to use that now that a) so much time has passed and b) that I've just mentioned it in my notes here. Well, as with all aspects of the comic, it'll depend on what works at the time. Which is probably why I forgot to do it in the first place. People were still a bit up in the air, and given they haven't even had a day to settle yet, it's not such a surprise.

Right, back to the subject of remorse, it's kinda odd to only now have it come up. And given everything else, tha this is the issue that it would set it off. Or maybe that's not so odd. She's offered the hand of friendship to Jimmy, whatever else might be invovled, and just been rather a bastard to him for no particular reason other than habit maybe. And of course in realizing that, there comes up the issue of what's happened before... and anyway, that aside, why her, and why now I might ask?

And the answer I have to give is that Jenny is increasingly the most human of my characters. The inherent strangeness in a lot of my other people means that they just do these things, but she does have a emotional aspect of her that seems actually affected by the outside world. Of course, so does Jimmy to an extent, but he's still settling as a character for some reason. And if it was her first, it's only because she's the more active of the two.

And in the end I just can't imagine this sor tof thing out of most of my people. But part of me likes it. Well. Things will happen later. That doesn't say anything, but I'd like to say that the comic continues to evolve.