Notes: I don't have to be a psyc. major to predict that you're probably saying "WTF is this?!" right now. Well it's a script that me and several people I know threw together in our forum one day. Some parts aren't there, but most of it's untouched. I'd like to give thanks to all of them for letting me make a comic out of it. You want to swear at them you can email me and I'll forward it to them.

There's one thing that I've found out that really disturbs me. The line "Merry Fishmas" actually comes oup durring an episode of the simpsons. I found this out about 3 months after it went up so I can't exactly pretend that it's never happened. Basically, I guess two people came up with the same idea, and if you've seen the episode, it seems like I'm ripping a joke off of them. Which sucks, so I would never have used it as a punchline if I had known in advance.

The color is a little primitive, none of the cool shading people do but that'd take me another day or so to figure out how to do.

Some things to note: Hero Guy man, while he looks like guy and has the word guy in his name, he is not Guy. Guy is not the type of person who would shoot fish out of the sky with giant lasers. Captain Canuck Man, AKA Whopperman on the net, can get away with calling himself that because he' from canada. And Seņor Evil, while being my character, is being played by someone other than me, 13th legion. Black Lightning, is done by Shast. He has his own short comic about him. I don't have a link to that right now, maybe later. A Perfect Circle is a band, but in this case they it's hero. Rage of Light didn't say "God, I'm angry!" I added that because that's just part of how I picture him as a hero. In all likelihood he wouldn't be orange either. He'd probably be, UV, Ultra Violent light. MunkeyMaN intentionally has those odd capital letters.