Notes:Ah, my first really colored comic. Actually, I've really come to like the way that I do it. I might do this all the time now. Anyway, you might be wondering why Jimmy's face isn't. Well, the answer is that he's dead, and I'd like to express that, but I lack any grays that don't turn him into an alien, so no coloring is as good as it gets. Actually, Jenny, however, looks really nice in color, though translating the comic into a .jpg does lose a little of the flavor. Her little mock-flame aura is my favorite, but I can't exactly put that into every panel, since it eats up my coloring tools, and takes a bit more effort than I like to give 8 times in a row. I hate to even imagine what it'll be like doing next week's comic. I'll let you speculate about that.

Anyway, this comic is a little bit of plot advancement, mixed with a bit of joke, without focusing too hard on either. However, it sets up for better things. Is that enough foreshadowing for one comic?

Final note, panel 7 is one of my favorite pictures in awhile. I might have to do something with that.