Notes: This comic's format is probably it's most interesting aspect. Originally I planned to try and cram panels... we'll call them 4 and 5 despite their size, into tiny little normal panels. Except every time I did, things were small, and little details like Jimmy and Guy were forced out, and the perspective was all funny. I rather like it more like this, where I had the space to fill things out, and add my favorite part of the comic, that little coffee mug flying off into the distance.

Of course, there's a lot of drawing to like in this, since it is much more action based than the majority that I do. And also it being longer than normal. Well, bigger mostly. That actual panel count is only one up from normal. But it's been pretty rare that I've drawn things quite this busy inside the comic, with three people in a panel, with furniture, and two of them actually fighting. Actually drawing fighting is pretty new to the comic too. I usually tend to leave that a lot more implied. But then, most 'fighting' in the comic tends to be a lot more lethal, and thus not so easy or, well, non-bothersome to draw. I'm squeamish I guess. Or maybe I just don't see much point in including that for some reason. Anyway, we're unlikely to lose our new character here from this, so it's less of a problem for me to just draw this

Speaking of which, I believe from everything I know abot fighting, that these two are doing so in a very odd fashion. I suppose that's all that you can really expect from two people as odd as these two though. And two that probably have done this before at some point.

And it is fun to actually have them really interacting now. There'll be more of that in the future, and not all of it will even be combative! Though probably the, ah, bickering will stay on, because I like that, and the banter comes up between them so easily. And it's easy to write.

Pretty soon though this scene's going to be pretty crowded, seeing as we'll have 5 characters interacting. That might make things most awkward. We'll see.

Final note: I'm not entirely certain what the expression on Jenny's face is in the last panel, but it occurred, so I'm going with it.