Notes: it's weird somewhat the way comics reflect my mental states sometimes. Well, not particularly all things considered, at least one of which if haven't mentioned before, I'm not going to do so here, and if I have I'm not bothering to repeat.

But, wow, I wasn't aware I had a comic like this inside me up until I did it. I mean, normally my characters tend to be fairly care free. Of course, Jenny is the exception to this about half the time if not more. Of course, one of her aspects, most displayed in this is the ability to switch her states fairly rapidly. Not without effort, but at least with my experience with most people, you can't turn them off being horrendously pissed just like that. Jenny is more like myself in that respect.

Anyway, this So pretty much describes what happens in this comic drawing wise. For whatere reason, I've drawn a lot of really pissed Jennys. Less so agitated Jandices, though they also exist. As such, I feel like they came across with a bit more exprssion in their stances and faces. Also as a result, the initial sketching for this took perhaps 15 minutes for panels 3-7. Actually, my favorite of the lot has to be 6, for it's tremendous 'Fuck!' even though I had to add that afterwards. Even on the paper it just screams 'Fuck'. And of course the stillness of panel 7 makes a nice contrast. Panel 4's also good at getting things across like that.

Final note: It's interesting how much of this entire comic just sprange either way out of the rants in panels 4 and 5. I'm not sure where they came from, since I certainly haven't had that sort of arguement myself, but I suppose I was in the mood for writting something angry. Less so now.