Notes: Well, this is it. It turned out rather simply in the end when it came down to it. And I'm fairly certain that this is always what I had in mind while I was doing this. I probably could have lived without the first couple stirps in this in retrosepct, but I don't really regret them. They are amusing explorations

And there isn't any particular reason that I can think of for this not to work. Guy is diverted so wouldn't notice a quick change. No one else is about and Snodgers... We know how distractible he is so the likelyhood of him bringing it up wouldn't be great. Or even thinking much of after that.

Part of me wories this is too simple to satisfy anyone that really cares, or it was too much set up for what it is. Perhaps. But things develope as I go along, and a couple pages of me being divertd before my mind really gets to work on a problem isn't all that surprising.

As for the title, it's amused me to do this, and it's sorta sad to have it out, but I do like to keep my word on doing stuff.