Notes: Well, I actually managed to stick to one plot this time around. Admittedly it's rather a tangental plot that I'm sticking too. But life would be so boring if things just resolved themselves.

Hmm, anyway, it's rather weird writing these almost a week after having finished the strip. I seem to be getting a bit faster at drawing them, or at least have more incentive to. Also that I have a slightly better idea what I want to happen right now. Back to the incentive bit, there is other stuff I want to do. Which is not to say that I don't like this, I just have ideas bouncing around that really want to get out and they are at the moment knocking everything else that comes in their way out onto paper.

Peh, enough spiel about that though. Yes, ninja's are back. Now you might start by asking why a ninja would be wearing sun glasses. Silly question that, just because you're a ninja doesn't mean that your eyes aren't sensitive to light. I guess you could say I like ninjas. Or not, depending on how much you take into account their eventual fates. Regardless of personal feelings though, it amuses me to have them around.

Now you could argue that I've finally gotten around to having a few competent ones. They definitely seem to be able to accomplish something, and at least one looks a bit more impressive than most of my previous. And they have actually managed to do something this time. On the other hand, well...