Notes: Well, I got this done mostly out of laziness. By which I, of course, mean that a large number of these panels were lifted out of my first draft for my last comic. That shouldn't work, right? Well, it did. I was a bit short on time in some ways, or at least energy to really do serious drawing today after finishing a take home exam from hell, when it came time to this. And I noticed that I still had the draft of this in my notebook with just a few panels left to fill in (namely the first three which I never figured out what to do with). Curiously enough, this time when I tinkered with it I actually figured out how to make it work and to go from the point A to B the way I wanted. Part of me feels cheap for doing it this way, but I did draw all of it, even if part is in Fiznik Vision, and I did rewrite it all tonight so it's all fresh. So what's the problem then? Maybe lack of the struggle. Something like that.

Meh, anyway, other comments on this? Well it does really start in on some of the points that this plot will be going over. I'm very tempted to be diverted right now since I have other ideas, but I'll see if I can integrate the ideas instead.