NotesThis is my first serious attempt to make some notes right after I write a comic. I guess I'll just tell you it's origins. Santa Carlos is a character who's existence was born entirely from the hat I made out of a scarf once, and took to wearing. That year our principle said that no one could wear hat's to our exams, unless it was a santa hat. I argued that I should be allowed to wear mine since it was my Santa Carlos hat. This drew the obvious "who?" upon which I came up with a fairly implausible story about a pirate. I ended up being able to wear it because he appreciated my creativity.

Which was his benging. From there he became the center of a ghost toy as to why it was that our gym lights buzzed so much. It went that he was minding his own business one day in the carbian, when he fell through a hole in time and space and onto our gym lights, which shocked, and killed him instantly As a result he continues to haunt the gym to this day by making an annoying buzzing sound with the lights while your trying to take a test worth 1/3 your grade in there. My High school had it's exams in the gym, and we had move all our desks down from the classrooms so we could do it.

It seems implausible, but when you're sitting there and you're listening to those lights, it can be pretty distracting when you keep being reminded of the story. Which is why I told it to my brother and all his friends.

Now this whole strip evolved from a sketch I made of him during my philosophy class. Actually both this one and the last one were based around the point of having him show up. It was a bit weird because I started with the very last line in this comic "Be good or I'll Keel Haul Ye!" and then a series of other interesting things I thought he might say, then being put in a comic form from end to beginning.

The first comic of these two came after I worked through this one. I was stuck again for an idea but then I kinda randomly drew the house with the ship in it. Then again I wrote it backwards, till I retched the scrap of what I reached the point where I'd gotten stuck first trying to do something about Mr. Snodgers and Guy getting on after my death, which was the first three panels. So all of this was completely done backwards in the most crazy way possible. But I still like it.