Notes: I suppose this comic could be alternatively titled "Jenny plays with Jimmy's mind" or "Jess plays with Jenny's hands and expressions" A couple turned out oddly, specifically the last panel's expression, which was intended to be completely different. I can't always decide if something like that is my having screwed up, or having drawn what I felt was at that moment was appropriate for the response, despite all planning before that. It definitely affects how the line is interpreted, as perhaps more silly or in this case with a spark of irritation.

Yes, Panel two should sound familiar. Why do it? Well, They're similarly unacceptable as options, and share a little at least in their reactions. And there is also that she also sounds appropriate saying it to a degree. I could have chosen something different like being blown in on a sea shell, but somehow that doesn't seem to flow so well. Plus, I have a nifty picture of her fully grown and battle clad that I'll post as soon as I ink it.

To hit the next thing head on, I don't get a lot of response to my strip, but it's been suggested that Jimmy and Jenny have some sort of thing going. I probably can't put it right, but some people would put it as a spark between them or something. Personally, I have problems with this. The first, as I butt into here, is that Jimmy is technically Undead. Sometime I'll get more into the logistics of that later. I suppose after that, and probably important, is I don't see their personalities meshing at all. To borrow a phase, Jenny would destroy him psychologically if they were in a relationship. Further down the list lies that if they ever did have one then I'd have two characters named Jimmy and Jenny hooked together. It'd be like having a couple name Ken and Barbie (thank you Sandman). To maintain any sort of respect for myself, I'd have to start calling her Jenifer, which at least at this point in time would seem out of character for her.

It might seem that I intended them to be together, with the way I named them. Actually Jenny's name and and existence comes from bouncing off the existene of Jimmy to be a gag character like Rags, who then absorbed a whole lot of life on her own shortly thereafter.

The other thing that probably links them is that they're really the only two people of their age group of opposite gender. Actually, so far Jenny is the only female in the strip that appears regularly in comic form. 'S is around in strip, but she's not so much a character as a narrator. So, I suppose that's sort of inevitable. It's interesting how things tend to pair up in that manner.

Then there's things like panel 5 which would toss people in that direction quite purposefully, assuming that they can read through my writing style into it.

And I think I handled the middle transition well, despite a lot happening in it. I's supposed to toss him around a little, and he certainly gets that. It's just a matter of whether it still reads like it flows despite that. Actually the largest problem is with the last panel, where it has to shift subjects entirely, but I don't want it to seem like it's too out of the blue.

Final note: Jenny might seem to talk a bit oddly at times. This is because she does a lot more like me than most of my other characters. And I do things like refer to my mother to other as "female parental unit" for no particular reason.