Mr Snodgers' Neighborhood is a strip that is ostensibly about the life of the world's most evil man, but eventually comes to be more about his niece, Jeniffer Snodgers. It follows the weird adventures of the super powered and runs with that wherever the characters might take it and tries to build a consistent universe out of the mess that makes. If there's any moral to it, it's that lack of power is not the real source of people's unhappiness.

Mr Snodgers Neighborhood should probably be my favorite strip. I think almost everything I do after it will steal some part of it, be it characters, or ideas, or just some of the leasons I learned by doing it. I do love it, but's just so hopelessly clumsy sometimes I actually cringe at my computer looking back over it, and it drifts like nobody's business, and I keep introducing characters, and it ends in the middle of no where, and all that.

It makes me sigh. It makes sense as my first real writing effort that I'd do so many things wrong. What's more curious is all the things out of it that I really loved that can't be easily transplated. There's a host of character's who were endless fun to work with. I'd love to continue it just for them, but I wrote them into a completely disfunctional world, of which they are very much a part.

I've decided to keep this archives in it's original horribleness, which was created back when I first made this site.

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Comics Archive

06/20/2000:Act 1 Sc 1

06/24/2000:Won't you be my neighbor?

06/27/2000:More random violence and the consequences thereof

07/01/2000:Ill Fates, Bad Irony, and Drama

07/04/2000:Not an "I told you so" situation


07/11/2000:Some Introductions

07/15/2000:When Storylines End

07/18/2000:The Return of Camraman

07/22/2000:The Next Day

07/29/2000:Time Flys When...

08/01/2000:What are the odds?

08/04/2000:The Big Question

08/11/2000:Never Resist fate

08/11/2000:A Brief Break in the 4th Wall

08/19/2000:Nothing Comes to Mind

08/26/2000:A Brief Break in the 4th Wall: Part 2

09/03/2000:New Font, Same Comic

09/03/2000:Regret is Eternal(sometimes)

09/10/2000:Just Plain Evil

09/17/2000:Those Moments You Cherish Forever

09/24/2000:Proper Timing

09/31/2000:Feel the Love

10/07/2000:Learning From Example

10/14/2000:Kismet's Fate

10/21/2000:Dangers of Dialogue

10/28/2000:Debatable Logic


11/11/2000:Another Brief Break

11/18/2000:Back to the Regular Joes

11/25/2000:Just Your Average Evil Host

12/02/2000:A Brief Breakdown

12/09/2000:Place Humorous Title Here

12/16/2000:A Holly Jolly Rodgers


12/23/2000:A Christmas Carlos




01/20/2001:Some Helpful Hints

01/27/2001:Verbal Sparring

02/03/2001:No more Haikus?

02/10/2001:Top of the Line

02/17/2001:Bad Excuses

02/24/2001:No Ifs, Ands, or...

03/03/2001:And if it fell into the wrong hands..., by Shast

03/10/2001:Cill Them!

03/17/2001:So they all lived...

03/24/2001:Snodgers' true colors?, by Shast



04/14/2001:What's done with Mirrors

04/21/2001:Bad Cats!

04/28/2001:Evil is as Evil does

05/05/2001:Head Cases

05/12/2001:It all goes to Mell

05/19/2001:Just another Dave

05/26/2001:Why power is occationlly a good thing

06/02/2001:Like peas in a Pod

06/16/2001:Huggably Soft

06/23/2001:Bearly Bearable

06/30/2001:No bones about it

07/07/2001:This has no title for a good reason

07/07/2001:Because when your tired, anyting seems like a good idea

07/21/2001:Is there a banana in your pocket?

07/28/2001:Those that mind tricks

08/04/2001:Being Badgered

08/11/2001:Something odd about that...

08/18/2001:Who you're asking

08/25/2001:Take it as you will

09/07/2001:True Colors

09/21/2001:Flower Power!

09/28/2001:Before Push comes to Shove

10/06/2001:When friction Increases

10/20/2001:Only partly because of infrequent breaks

10/29/2001:Some things Change...

11/03/2001:Returning to the Ring...

11/10/2001:What it comes down to

11/17/2001:This being in relation to?

11/24/2001:Moving right along...

11/31/2001:Hey, it Happens

12/21/2001:Split Personalities -By Shast

12/28/2001:Those Damned Demons

01/05/2002:Just what a Friends is

01/12/2002:Plans in Progress

01/19/2002:London Bridge

01/26/2002:What Reamins...

02/02/2002:And in the Meantime


02/16/2002:Flying Gunboat Diplomacy






03/30/2002:It's the thought that counts

04/06/2002:Giant Pander Attack

04/13/2002:The S is not for Substitute

04/20/2002:You are what you eat

04/20/2002:There's magic in the air

04/27/2002:What's effective on the side

05/04/2002:Days of Dreams

05/11/2002:On the rebound

05/18/2002:Getting by

05/25/2002:It's likeglow in the dark cereal!


06/08/2002:True as Blue Stew

06/15/2002:A New Clue to what is True

06/16/2002:Because all good things must come to an end

06/22/2002:...But still above the Ground

06/29/2002:Even Clowns can Yodel

07/06/2002:The service level shows

07/13/2002:Out of Left Field

07/20/2002:Set to Order

07/27/2002:The Best Parties are the Late Ones

08/03/2002:Home is where your heart is

08/10/2002:Holding things together

08/17/2002:One's better side

08/24/2002:More to the point

09/07/2002:What are foes for?

09/14/2002:You might call him a wise guy

09/21/2002:Chrono-Synclastic Infundibula

09/28/2002:Quality Control

10/05/2002:Because likes attract.

10/12/2002:Well, it's definitely not Carter

10/18/2002:It hurts the mind

11/05/2002:Smoothly as a Baby's Bowels.

11/10/2002:On the Up and Up

11/16/2002:This comic contains no Booty

11/23/2002:Some things are better left unknown

11/30/2002:Shock is Relative

12/20/2002:As has Reason

12/26/2002:Straight as a Face

12/28/2002:It happens when you look too deeply

01/02/2003:For all

01/04/2003:Over and Under

01/11/2003:Rolling Along

01/18/2003:Being as they are

01/25/2003:In the words of Charles Sanders Peirce...

02/08/2003:Different Differenes

02/12/2003:A comic who's title is "Fuck"

02/15/2003:Like a Rock

02/22/2003:Things as they stand

03/11/2003:What you ask?

03/14/2003:It doesn't Matter

03/16/2003:And knowing is half the battle

03/24/2003:Yeah, that's pretty old

04/06/2003:You get what you pay for

04/12/2003:The Way Things Work

04/21/2003:That's a First

04/28/2003:You'll be sorry<


05/31/2003:All things will become clear

06/07/2003:Just another word for 'Aloha'

06/14/2003:Showing 'em who's in charge

06/22/2003:Booty Call

07/05/2003:Ghost in a Shell

07/19/2003:At the heart of things

07/19/2003:In the end

07/27/2003:With that out of the way

08/02/2003:It pains me to say

08/12/2003:Sub-Sˇance Material

08/16/2003:Every little thing she does

08/16/2003:With Big Fluffy Fists of Anger

09/20/2003:The Rime of the Anchient Buccaneer

10/25/2003:A Comic Title Featuring Jenny's Name

12/20/2003:All good things in time

12/27/2003:It all depends on your Angle

01/03/2004:Just part of the cycle

01/10/2004:Though perhaps to a lesser degree

01/17/2004:When you want to get the point across. Period.

01/25/2004:We got'em on the run now

02/01/2004:Make of it less than you will

02/07/2004:As you can well see

02/14/2004:It's good to do good, good, right?

02/28/2004:Well and truly

03/13/2004:Black Sheep

03/20/2004:When farlookers are far away

03/27/2004:Waker be wary

04/03/2004:Every Party needs a Pooper

04/10/2004:Being more of a piper than a pauper

04/17/2004:Conversations with the sordid

04/24/2004:The Average Joe

05/02/2004:Some pun involving being bored to death

05/08/2004:The most valuable of things

06/05/2004:Some moments being better than others

06/12/2004:It's not what you say, but who you are

06/19/2004:Thinking outside the Box

06/26/2004:But friends stick together

07/03/2004:The Higher Road

07/10/2004:What's done is done

07/24/2004:And so love is returned

07/31/2004:You're not the only one in the dark.

08/07/2004:They're crazy for each other

08/14/2004:It's harder than smoking

08/21/2004:Those things that pull us together

08/28/2004:Holding you back

09/04/2004:It wears you down

09/11/2004:What a man's gotta do

09/26/2004:Blood Tells

10/02/2004:It's all the rage

10/16/2004:To be clever enough by half

10/23/2004:She'd rather not come clean

11/07/2004:But the truth will set you free

11/14/2004:He's a man with some class

11/21/2004:With a questionably bright future

11/29/2004:The Secret to avoiding having worlds collide

12/12/2004:Fish of a Feather

12/20/2004:Finding Fondness

12/26/2004:It only follows

01/02/2005:But change is a good thing!

01/03/2005:You get what you ask for

01/05/2005:The Wall

01/12/2005:What sense of sense?


01/20/2005:SheÕs a classy girl

01/25/2005:Scrwdrivers Wanted

01/27/2005:You've tried the rest...

02/01/2005:Who ya gonna call?

02/03/2005:More Events of the Day:

02/15/2005:A day in the life of a Beastslayer

02/17/2005:Portrait of a Still Life

02/22/2005:It never hurts to help

02/24/2005:Always an answer

03/01/2005:Thought for thought

03/05/2005:Don't dis the point

03/08/2005:Perhaps not the time to start

03/10/2005:Yeah, but still

03/15/2005:Tough Cookies

03/17/2005:Umteenth thoughts

03/22/2005:Just one more slip

03/24/2005:Skirting danger

03/29/2005:Back in the spirit

03/31/2005:Standing to be corrected

04/05/2005:The 'if'

04/19/2005:The Other Side


04/26/2005:It's all good

04/29/2005:A Worse Fate


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