Notes:This Comic is entitled this partly because it's one of the first times I bother to name my characters. I suppose it also introduces Pygmy and Navajo, two characters whose apperence seems to be very much linked to dips in my readership. I suppose they could be taken to be making fun of the two groups, but that seems odd to me. They're just two people that seem unlikely to me to be working together, let alone running an international crime syndicate. It's not that I've recieved any complaints though, so maybe I'm just being sensitive.

In any case, his comic is at best ackward. I try to cram one one to many things in. The Company "Psyconic Killers and Co." comes from from a time when someone didn't recognise my voice when I was locked out of the house and wanted to know who was there. Given this ansure, they opened the door anyway, because they didn't think they'd caught it right. I figured the name was worth a go, and since, at least in my head, Mr. Snodgers was part of the Pygmy and Navaho group, it seemed a perfecly good name for their business front. However, it turns out it is very difficult to convay all this information into one panel. Unfortunately it's rather hard to fix now withot adding a whole new strip in. And I'd much rather spend my time writing new strips than clarifing old ones.