Notes: First off, sorry about not updating Mr. Snodgers' Neighborhood for awhile, I love it as a comic, but it takes me on average 4 times as long as any given So despite being only twice as many panels, and having more of a plot to follow, and when I'm being meticulous, a comic takes me long enough to produce. This doesn't really help matters at all, but it belongs in it as much as anywhere really.

For future reference, Snodgers stuff starts most closely here. While the S-sub-not half can be argued to start here.

I blame Andrew for this happening entirely. Well, I can't quite, since I shoot down about as many of the thing he sugests as I actually think about using, and I tend to be pretty picky about what actually fits people. This is aout as good a start to abusing one's power as I can think of though.

And the more I think about this, the more it totally fucks with everything, because you need backstory from Mr. Snodgers Neighborhood to get this, as well as S-sub-not, and unless you've been keeping up with both similtainously then this is just insencible.

Damn you Jenny!

On the other hand, her voice can be increadibly cute to write for when she's being silly. She's been being more of that of late, which is good, because she has some dark tendencies, and it sucks for her in general when those take over.

"The secret lies in possitive thinking!"

I'm sure some such tripe could be aplied here, but let's ignore that for the moment. I like it more when Jenny's psitive, and in general things seem to go better for when she's that way

Or maybe it's the other way around.

There's some really bizzare references to things here though. It's strange how in adopting someone else to be my narator, I'll end up saying things that I never would otherwise. The Guy and Mr. Snodgers comment comes to mind particularly, but it did fit in with how she'd started the others.

Wait, this entire thing is weird. So is she I guess.

But she doesn't like dead guys. She's just friends with one.

So much that would be wrong otherwise

So much that would be wrong with everything she mentions.

Note to self: come back to comic.