Notes: This is another strip that sorta just poured out once the scene was set. The end of this sorta represented my own conflict on the matter. As much as I don't want to create a sterotypical "I am female, of course I cook!" sort of thing, just the oppisite of that is also a real sterotype, which tends to still reflect on that, you know, they really should be able. So, not wanting to say either of those, do I wisely avoid the situation? Um, no.

In the end, Jenny, like myself, has to be a practical person to some extent. I also cook, though admittedly, not terribly well, or nearly often enough to fix that. But given money and time, I can actually go to a grocery store and produce something edible. Occationally this has proven to be a most vaulable trick, though I have to say sometimes, the trick to cooking seems to be largely, a) don't get distracted, and b) be experimental in small quantities.

This actually looks surprisingly nice considering the actual work time that went into it. Again with the just kinda flowwing out this time. Only thing I can really complain about is that I figured I would end up filling panel 2 with text, so I didn't bother to do most of te background, but it looks rather odd as a result to me. I'm notabout to go back and fix that in post though. I'm tired

And panel 6 is almost scary. Turned out just as frighteningly out of character as I might have hoped. Woo, for the being drawn far too much in my note bok and thus gaining versitility in form.