Notes: I rather like the first panel even if it is word heavy, even for me. I suppose one thing is that it has one of my favorite pictures of 'S to date in it, but in reality it just sorta moves things forward again. It was pointed out to me that I've sorta wandered into out of anything plot related again. And I can go on pretty long stretches like that. Plus the layout seems to flow pretty well into a normal comic, so I don't realy lose anything, and it doesn't look to shabby either.

On the other hand, most of these panels look pretty much the same. I've been trying to move away from drawing nearly the same thing in them, one after another, of late, to marginal success, but I was writing the dialogue to this as I went along, so I ended up tossing people in as place holders that attached to what they said, rather than integrating the two better. Which does occasionally lead to the later realization that that there's a very poor ratio between stuff I want to say and space to put it in.

Actually this was originally meant to end on panel 8, but eventually thoughts of expanding the first one due to the amount I wanted to put in it, and also having a vague feeling that I didn't want to end on that note. It's a little glib for me. And even if I like glibness in my characters, I like it tempered a little.

It does occur to me this last panel might not make sense to some. I'm not certain. Just how much of time period nautical terminology is still valid. Am I even using it right? Anyway, from my knowledge: Pressing is a term for when your rather forcibly added to the navy, and Privateers are like pirates, but gov't funded. We still have things like that not, but... um, nevermind.