Notes: One of those things that's always bothered me is that languge, at least if you ask me, is an agreed form of comunication. This tends to run almost entirely counter to the concept of proper english, which says that _this is language, and anything else is simpl wrong. As a result of this, I do very poorl in intro english courses because I simply won't follow arbitrary rule conventions when you can convey an idea, perhaps more acurately, in what's considered an ungramatical way. I don't really go out of bounds completely, but I also don't put too much effort into being perfect either.

Of course, I know why the concept of proper english exists. It's becaus if we didn't have some standard, then the language would simply diverge in seperate places, up until we could no longer understand each other. But when everyone seems to have a convention of talking, and you insist that it's wrong, then you're simply trying to bind language to something in the past, which might not always be relivant.

Which makes fixing language a complicated concern. You have to be able to do it enough that it stays a consistent language, and hopefully not one that just keeps expanding (not necessaily a bad thing, but inconvient largely) but has to at the same time be able to change with time. Conclussion? Not much. But if you try and claim the title of arbitator of it, I'll most likely challenge you.

BTW, it's not this thought chain that leads to the buggy text thought this site and comic. That would be largely that I'm a horrible typist who doesn't bother to edit much, at least not at the hours that I write a lot of this stuff.

Anyway, it's the above sort of additude that insipires this comic, and most specifically the "Holy Fire of Proper Grammer" which burns in so many souls, the need to say that someone is a fool for not using exactly what is supposed to be correct.

Now, to get off the grammer topic, Mr. Snuggles is something of a conglomeration of two of my english teachers. The first represents his attitude, the second, sorta how he looks. Neither was particuarly this anal, but one of the books they gave me was. But it's the attitude that's really more important to me, really. It's something I really liked when I was in his class for some reason, since he would in all likely hood say exactly the punch line of this comic to one of his students. I think I just got off since I wasn't... horribly stupid and lazy I'd have to say. Which isn't trying to get down on my classmates really... well, maybe it is. To say the least, english courses seemed a real exercise in just how much you could not care for most of the people I took them with. And it was really good to see them called on it for once. Which is not to say that I didn't end up with curse words on my papers he handed back, but at least he apreciated I tried as he hreaded what I did, which was, admittedly, not always terribly good, though better than the complete not trying that so many people seemed to do.

Reviewing these notes: do I have a point?

Not so far as I can tell.

Well, ok.