Notes: If there's any question in your mind, that's 'S talking again in this strip. Not really important, but I thought I should say something.

Part of me is mildly disturbed by the way I've been treating Jimmy of late. He doesn't really deserve what happens to him in any particular respect, but things seem to work out in this respect more often than not. In my mind I sorta set up the system and figure out where it would run, and unfortunately he doesn't seem to win in this. The second panel especially disturbs me in this way. It's not really comic violence anymore, but it keeps happening. The fact that I put more effort into this drawing than usual doesn't help at all.

So anyway, this comic worked out as a bit of an art fest, I suppose. Taking exams tends to make me want to take breaks to sketch some, so I really took the time to fill out a lot of the empty space that normally hangs around in the background. Plus there's the way that I had to be drawing field and fire anyway. I like of how all of it turned out, especially the part that I really screwed up while inking but managed to map over in the shading process. Not going to point out where that happened if you don't mind. I do like how the gray scale fire's been turning out of late, and sorta mixing that into the field in the 7th panel field turned out by far better than I thought it would.

Random last comment: Those bricks took some time but they're really worth it. Also, I continue to like drawing Jenny. And that has nothing to do with Jimmy getting it.

Bonus random comment: I really didn't think I was going to stick with this title, but I have yet to think of something at all more appropriate.