Notes: It's a curious thing. Me and Jandice fairly regularly get into arguements about what her character is going to do. The problem is that she's fairly unrestrained, much like her brother, but in her case it can lead to her wanting to take the comic in directions that I'd rather not. This would be one of my few concessions to that entire matter, and is perhaps only fair, since she was tempted to pull the clock she had a coupl comics back out of her shirt. It's not a problem with her, even if it's more than mildly disconcerting to me. Which is odd to say, seeing as I should in theory be her, being her writer and all.

I maintain though that my characters take on a life of their own once they've estabilshed their existence.

Now, Guy, being a passive receptor, has practically no defence against attacks of this manner. Which is probably the larger reason of why this happened. There's something about being a Snodgers that requires you drive other people insane as well. And this is a quirky way of doing so. I suppose it also leaves Guy to wonder what the hell Narc would make of all this. Given the way Narc reacts to most things, that might actually be a serious concern. Well, if Narc could ever really bring himself hurt Guy that is.

For the end of this, I've always found it a bit disconcerting that once you reach a certain status as a male in a movie or anything, unless it's deliberately trying to make a joke of you, you tend to end up with whatever female you might want, regardless of what they're initial reaction to you might be, regardless of how much you've actually interacted with them since then to form anything like a logical connection. You pick the girl and it seems she hasn't the slightest voice in the matter, she's yours heart and soul now.


I was just sorta reading through something that sugested trying to find instances of media where there's two women talking, and how difficult it is then to the find ones where they're not talking about guys. And it's a point, though an odd one for me. I dorta look through things, and I realize how infrequently this is even a subject with my cast. There's a little there, since it does happen, but there's a few other conflicts in life they have to deal with.

Anyway. So, strip happens. Jandice gets to drive a uy crazy. And honk his nose. Perhaps she is a bit of a step up from the typical.