Notes: To start off that last comment refers to the pattern, not the comic as whole. I'd be surprised if someone missed that, but well, you never know. I like my work here, even if the rate at which I come up with ideas and draw them very rarely matchs up.

Now this was amusing to draw. It's fun doing something completely different each panel. Panel four might win as most fun to draw, even if it did nearly kill one of my pens, while panel 8 runs a close second, with arguabley the first time Jenny's gotten out of character. I was sorta hoping to delay that for some nagging reason in the back of my head, but at the moment it seems an appropriate response. You might ask yourself where that sword came from, and the answer would be something, something, something.

I'm not sure there's much more to say about this. There's little things here and there, that I especially like, but pointing them out seems to make them less significant somehow. *Shrug* Anyway, defnitely another comic where the process of writing it became part of the subject.