Notes: First off, Helen Narbon hails from the comic known as Narbonic. Go read it before I beat you senceslessly.

Sometimes there's something I want to do with a strip, a joke or a plot point, but I can't seem to get it into what's going on. I spent the first half of today doing that. I realized eventually, though, that the setup I wanted to do would never really fit into the strip with the joke itself. This was one of those situations where it would actually be a good thing I was mixing comics so I could use an S-sub-not to set it up, then a snodgers strip to play out everythng that happens.

Anyway, once I figured out that the plan to use the joke for this strip was fundamentally flawed, I let go and just tried doing whatever was appealing to me at the time. This is it. Lesson out of this? You can't force creativity. Now if you don't mind, I should be writing an 8 page paper about something in philosophy that makes me crazy.

Well, in the light that's not going to get done tonight, this strip came up a bit later than I had planned for a number of reasons. One was that I wasn't able to claim a TV room to work in and at my desk is also my computer which is terrible for when I'm trying to do something. It has so many possible distractions in it. Which makes it the best place ever to work on an 8 page paper where I have to defend a flawed (in my opinion) view of reality.

But beyond that delay, I lost even more time just working on one sentence. I spent 2 whole hours thinking about one thing that Helen would say. I can't explain this obsession I have. It has to come out right the first time, so I want to get everything out of a comment I can. But two freaking hours! I don't understand. I should give up or something, right? Birds are waking up and I'm still thinking about it. On some level, I just have to find this disturbing, even if on the behavioral level I apparently think that it's completely sane.